We do things differently

McMahon Criminal Defence Lawyers provides exceptional personalised legal representation to people facing criminal charges & those requiring assistance to restore & defend their legal rights.

Our low overheads and commitment to the equitable treatment of all our clients means we work with you to find the most affordable option to resolve your legal issue.

Here for you in court

We act as agents for those who require professional representation in regional Courts.

We operate across a wide range of courts including;

  • The Children’s Court
  • Magistrates Court – Summary and Indictable crimes
  • County Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeal

Victorian Courts
Luke McMahon

We do things differently

Our Principal lawyer, Luke McMahon brings experience from both Government & private practice coupled with a strong commitment to both social justice and promoting equitable access to competent legal representation. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Youth work) & Juris Doctor (Law) Degree from the University of Melbourne.

Why use a local lawyer?

Using a local Ballarat criminal lawyer can provide several valuable benefits in navigating the legal landscape effectively. 

  • NEnhanced understanding of local legal practices and procedures, ensuring a smoother legal process
  • NAccess to extensive local networks and resources that can benefit the case
  • NIn-depth knowledge of the local court system, magistrates, family violence workers, prosecutors, which can help strategise the defence effectively.
  • NAvailability for face-to-face meetings and consultations, promoting better communication and rapport with the client
  • NFamiliarity with the unique socio-cultural aspects of Ballarat, enabling a more tailored and contextualised approach to the case
  • NAbility to promptly respond to urgent legal matters, given the proximity to the local area
  • NExperience in handling cases specific to the region, offering insights into successful defence strategies for similar situations

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